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Saturday, April 24, 2021

spring/summer gets ♡

 Happy spring

i know spring equinox already passed but the snow has just melted here loooool 
this post is inspired by georgie 's post about her s/s theme
i just did a big haul of amekaji, himekaji, and rokku items to wear for spring & summer, i don't wanna constrict myself to one style! i don't think being inspired by multiple styles is a bad thing, restricting myself to one thing and hardcore following the rules makes me burnt out and unmotivated i've decided i don't want to be super OTT but more casual stuff you'd see someone to wear shopping at 109 after their work shift does that make sense? im using these pics as inspo!

my gets from my previous post 
the banana bag still isn't confimed T_T pleaaase don't cancel !!
as you can see I'm really trying to build a wardrobe this year, taking my pledge to be an everyday gal seriously ww, thats all! thank you for reading

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Fruits mag 1999 - 2000 [pic heavy] ✦

Hello !! as i said in my last post i'll be doing a flip through of the mags i got these aren't all the pages, just the ones that where personally my favorites. even if ur style isn't like this i feel like we can learn a lot of putting outfits together from these

i love the casual-ness of this one an the mickey sweater 

the girl is super cute!! shes wearing a ton of vivienne westwood and egoist
from the opening of the Laforet Grand Bazaar [?] these photos where taken at 6am and there where people pulling all nighters since 8pm the day before i've waited outside one line overnight and i almost passed away ww i don't know how these people did it...
i love their hair so much, reminds me of lion manes ~~~

i have a pinafore like this!! i never knew what to do with it ww :P

i really want both of their outfits so bad.. maybe it's time for me to start wearing capris again hehe

so stylish

seems like they're selling their clothes ?
this person is SUUPPERRR pretty, i also love the bandana around the neck
coolest people ever award goes to these two, i love their hair, especially the girls

and lastly.. my favorite out of all, the one on the left!!!! the puka shell belt!! i need to make one.. just the colours of the entire outfit *drools* 
which one was ur favorite? comment below ✰✰ 
feel free to use these pics! but im sure theres actual scans online ww 

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