Monday, November 1, 2021


hello (´・_・`)

Lyon ⬅️ Idiot who forgets to blog

ANYWAYS hi!!! I’ve been having too many thoughts clogging my brain so I need to start blogging again

I went to a Halloween party and a convention and a club last weekend ue, i don’t think I’ll be able to blog about it because I was drunk for most of it lolol

But while I was in the city I actually was able to go to a beauty supply store and pick up some hair dye!! A lot of my friends said I’d look good with pink hair
which I was hesitant to do but then I remembered my favourite character to cosplay (megurine luka) has pink hair and I was just like  sure why not 
I decided to do a ombré from pink to orange, but they kinda look like the same colour on me lol. The dye was supposed to come out pastel but it was more neon than expected but it’s grown on me a lot  

After I removed as much of the grey as possible ~ I had to wash my hair and my exte twice

Here’s some random selfies I took ʕ ˵ ̿–ᴥ ̿– ˵ ʔ
today’s code : giant overalls. That’s it
This was a short post but that’s good for getting back into the swing of blogging
oh and btw it started snowing here
 save me ww 
bye byeee

Monday, October 18, 2021

Fall & winter haul ❄️



So I kinda disappeared

Sorry about that ww blogger wasn’t working on my phone =_=“ 

ANYWAYS I got a super big haul!! Mainly tralala and lizlisa stuff

Although… I already want more !! I want some ponchos and coats as well as more accessories and shoes… so I guess this isn’t going to be the last haul of this year w

Anyways here we go ~

First thing I bought was this datura cardigan that instead of a hood it has a fake collar! I really like it :D 
This dress for Christmas!! It’s tralala I think? Or it could be lizlisa doll I can’t remember that much… ww
It’s super flattering on me ! Just the right skirt length for my tall ass ww 
I can’t remember what brand this is… and I don’t feel like getting up to check it’s a nice length as well, really cute with knee high boots ! 
Another item to wear around Christmas ~ I really love kumatan right now so ofc I had to get it 
I didn’t realize how big this thing would be www I use him as an overnight bag now !!
Mooore kumatan 
so many sukapans 
I really love this one but id probably have to wear shorts or a sukapan under it
That’s all !! I luckily fit into all of these shown ww there was a vest and a pair of shorts I’m giving to friends that didn’t fit ~ which of these r ur favourites
I’m so excited for Halloween! I’m carving pumpkins tonight :3 I’ll make. Post about that too hehe, I’m being the bandaged nurse from silent hill 2 for my friends party and making health drink inspired shots! 
I’ll probably spend the rest of that weekend shopping for cute fall inspired cookwear www 
Sorry this wasn’t a lot to read, I’ll get back to semi daily posts soon !!